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Our effect your event - תאורת אירועים

“EFFECT” , leading in sound, lighting and screening events.

The company owned and directed by Yaniv Blumenfeld,

with experience of more than 20 years.

You are invited to experience our personalized service , courteous and professional.

Here you will find all the solutions about sound,

lighting and screening for your event.



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Examined the possibility of the arrival of the truck with equipment as close as possible to the stage This can save time and money ! Also , if there is difficulty mentioned it so we can prepare in advance


When you are faced with a dilemma regarding the scope of sound equipment necessary for the event , you should consider the possibility to make use of an existing sound system in the hall or wherever you choose to edit the event , and by upgrading the existing system can sustain performance gains are reduced . Sometimes , the sound system does not meet the specifications in the master case will need to complete amplification system to Master Francesco let / band may appear with equipment that is compatible with their demands .


When we plan an event it is very important to note that we give emphasis and right "background" to variety designs and gimmicks we have chosen to combine. That means that the combination of lighting design must cause another stand out in the right manner but no taste. "Background" event is often how we use lighting there. For example, for evening events that we want to transmit intimacy and luxury selected blue light will give sight hall or cold dramatic shade garden. For events with a clearly rural, proper lighting will be very different and warm lighting with yellow lights with light create a warm. Effect you can get the counseling and suggested the way to an event you've dreamed of.


As part of preparations to the event must take into account the interest of safety . Various lifting devices and cable crossings are dangerous when the event are well reinforced and can pose a safety hazard . Big events should be consulted prior to construction engineer construction . Also make sure third-party insurance for all vendors at the event .


Calculate all electricity consumers in the event and how to connect to a power source is very important !!! Wrong planning of the various electricity consumers can generate load on the power lines will cause unwanted interruptions . Also , use a backup generator in any case to be possible to back up power in the event.


- Lighting for Stages and performances
- Lighting Pavilions and exhibitions
- Lighting design for dance theater
- Area lighting design and ambiance lighting
- Lighting for parking and walkway
- Dance floor lighting
- Front and rear projection different sizes (2X3, 4X3, 5X7)
- LED screens Fitch 3
- Projectors varying intensity from 4000 A to 20,000A
- LCD screens of various sizes up to 70 "
- Plasma wall
- Amplification conferences
- Amplification ceremonies
- Amplification bands and ensembles
- Amplification performances
- Building towers PA
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lighting for events

“EFFECT” – sound, light and screening company

which specializes in providing sound, light and projection

 for private and business events for 20 years.


“Peace and quiet are becoming tune sound, Feeling of a different atmosphere.

 Emerging passions, The senses are sharpened. Light, color and sound meet.

The dreams become reality.

There is an “EFFECT” in  the air ! “


  EFFECT”, managed and owned by Blumenfeld Yaniv”,

He has accumulated extensive experience of over 20 years in the field events

, Assures courteous service wholeheartedly maximum benefit in accordance with the framework Atakcevechma and wishes.


Today ” Effect ” provides a complete professional solution areas :

•Sound : PA systems and monitors of “MEYER” company. digital mixers of “DIGICO”, “MIDAS” and “YAMAHA”.

• Lighting : Stage lighting and light space for private and business event’s . 

•screening : Displays quality and radiation LED technology day and night.

–All Are accompanied by a full advice for your event .


Let us fulfill your wish, and make you an amazing atmosphere event as you imagined!

See you at celebrations …



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